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About Us

Tenacity, Integrity, Discretion

Frizell Group International, LLC (“Frizell Group”), is a boutique Investigations, Corporate Compliance, Business Intelligence, Litigation Support, and Off-Duty Police Services firm with a commitment to provide professionally conducted and financially efficient support to our clients. Frizell Group plans each investigative effort so that our clients receive the highest quality of service at the best possible value. We document our efforts through submission of timely and accurate reports, itemized billing, and the professional presentation of testimonial and physical evidence (when appropriate).
Frizell Group pledges to provide services at a level of competency and accuracy that can bear the scrutiny of our most knowledgeable clients, coupled with a level of integrity and honesty that can bear the scrutiny of all.

Customer service is the single-most important ingredient of Frizell Group’s success. We promote superior customer service through Promise Fulfillment, Superior Work Product, Superior Staffing, Timeliness, Accurate Reporting, and Itemized Billing that is fair and honest.

Frizell Group has a commitment to do the job right the first time and a willingness to do it again when the customer thinks it is warranted.

Our company motto of “Tenacity, Integrity, Discretion” is evident in all that we do.
Frizell Group was established in 1995 by David P. Frizell, Jr., CFE, a Certified Fraud Examiner and former federal law enforcement and counterintelligence agent. He and his highly qualified team create the ultimate blend of people and skills to be productive in any corporate investigation.
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