The Changing Face of Corporate Compliance Investigations

 Integrity Investigations It’s impact on human behavior in the corporate environment

Although most corporations do not have formal Employee Integrity Investigation Programs, all business entities have written or implied rules of conduct for employees, vendors, and contractors. When a breach of these rules of conduct occurs, it often results in measurable losses to the business and can often create a culture of non-compliance which can lead to even more losses. In the case of companies potentially impacted by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, this can result in hefty fines in addition to the financial losses caused by actual violations of the code of conduct. Integrity in employee behavior acted out throughout corporate culture is becoming a necessary conversation requiring valid guidelines and procedures. No one has these techniques and programs more cultivated and delineated than Frizell Group.

When you need professional resources other than uniformed law enforcement

Many corporations, understandably, think of turning to law enforcement when they have criminal activity in their ranks (theft, embezzlement, illegal drugs, etc).  However, police agencies are not able to devote the intimate resources to each investigation in a way that will always produce the best results. More importantly, the police agencies have a very narrow focus in the conduct of their investigations: proving the elements and perpetrator of each crime.

Frizell Group goes beyond uniformed law enforcement capabilities

Using Frizell Group will allow for a more widespread and exclusively focused investigative process that seeks not only to identify criminal activity, but non-criminal activity that is against the proprietary interests of the client. Frizell Group will not only seek confessions of wrongdoing, but will expand the depth of those confessions to include others involved, failures in business and security controls, and lapses in management oversight.  Frizell Group can then make recommendations to “harden the target” and help the client establish methodologies that will reduce or eliminate such behavior in the future.  Best of all, Frizell Group investigations can still be used to successfully seek prosecution.

Today being able to invisibly immerse the professional investigator into the human undercurrent of your corporate activity provides a unique opportunity to explore and reveal deeply embedded and corrupted behaviors that fall outside the scope of law enforcement. Major criminal behaviors are often linked to a pervasive current of corporate deception. By injecting a Frizell professional you allow honest people to open up and feel more comfortable about relating even the most obscure and seemingly unrelated bits of information. The use of any official agency would easily spook people and slow down the investigative process. Assimilating Frizell Group into the corporate environment gives you a 360°, in-depth view, entirely of all the varied corporate cultures and the propensity for criminal and even dangerous activities cutting them off before they become something much more serious or even a liability,

Employee Malfeasance


Generally, employee malfeasance consists of one or more of the following by an employee or contractor:

Fraud                                                               Harassment

Drug & Alcohol Violations                                Mismanagement

Falsification of Documents                               Abuse of property Information

Vendor Kickback Schemes                              Misuse of Company Resources

 When should you act?

Integrity investigations generally start with an allegation of wrongdoing, typically as the result of measurable inventory losses, an Integrity Hotline tip, or a confidential source. It is generally best to call upon the services of Frizell Group before an internal investigation might minimize the opportunity to resolve the issues in the most value-added manner possible.

Frizell Group will consult confidentially with the client to discuss the allegation and the appropriate course of investigative action. Normally, appropriate documents are reviewed and trusted witnesses are interviewed before subject interviews of the employees accused or suspected of wrongdoing are conducted.

What can you expect?


Subject interviews are scientifically designed to elicit confessions from guilty parties and to help establish the innocence of those who have been wrongfully accused. Frizell Group has an excellent record of accomplishment in the conduct of subject interviews because all such interviews are conducted by experienced interviewers who have had specialized training. In addition, all interviews are personally reviewed by David P. Frizell, Jr., CFE, Frizell Group’s President (a former CIA polygraph examiner), or Thomas C. Kiefer, Managing Director (a former command-level law enforcement professional).

Why the Integrated Frizell Group Professional?

Unlike a similar interview that might be conducted by the police for criminal violations, the use of a Frizell Group investigator for such an interview will allow more focus on business-related issues. This will help provide a determination of the nature and scope of each violation, the methodologies used, and the identities of others involved, so that the client will ultimately have the opportunity to seek criminal, civil and/or administrative remedies as a result of the completed investigation, and most importantly, will allow the client to implement the appropriate safeguards. The ability to blend into the corporate culture and listen to and for those unusual references allows us the unique ability to integrate into an operation and expose the full extent of the violation; insuring that individuals who may otherwise keep themselves shielded, ultimately get exposed. Not only will any uniformed or obvious official investigation reduce effectiveness in infiltrating the depth of the violations but in the end they will leave you without a plan of action to prevent further abuses, Frizell Group is the answer to the “how,” the “why” and the “what to do” when you have to reset your internal policies.