shutterstock_9486514Perhaps your company is concerned about the suspicious activity of a single employee/contractor, or a group of employees/contractors.  Or, perhaps your company is concerned about management issues that might reflect fraudulent activity, such as inventory anomalies or other unexplained losses.  You need the services of a professional organization that has the specialized skills and experience to insert themselves into any situation promptly and find solutions quickly.

We read about it in the newspapers all the time. We hear it on the news. But how many of us think, “That could be me?”

Today, before the situation occurs, companies need to be proactive — you need to know what to do in case of an emergency and how you can be prepared for that worst case scenario long before the event occurs. Frizell Group brings the skill sets that will provide the appropriate solutions in a business-friendly framework.  In short, Frizell Group understands business and we custom fit our investigations solutions with the idea of increasing our clients’ bottom line.

Appropriate investigations solutions can call upon many potential “fixes.”  But Frizell Group has the expertise to suggest the best possible investigative solutions for any particular situation so that the client’s goals are best met.


shutterstock_97434221Do  you have a potential situation? Want  do you need to know, what is the best course of action for your company and who can you rely on to  do the best job possible for you? Call Frizell Group because if we’re not the right company we have the connections and referrals you need to get you to the people who can help. Not every company is right for every situation, but you can rely on Frizell to make sure you are in the right hands.


As our society becomes more complex and more intense the probability for the pendant to swing to the far left or right becomes more of a reality. Frizell Group can help you get ahead of the potential dangers and compromises by deploying their impressive background in investigation and human behavior evaluation. Whether you are checking out an employee who might be stealing secrets or even parts and inventory, or your looking at a more complex situation involving a ring of people who may be up to even more dangerous behavior, you have to rely in a company that has the experience and the background in knowing what to look for and where to look. Don’t settle for something less when the best result can be something quite dramatic. Call Frizell Group for a discrete, private and free upfront consultation on your situation.  Protect your greatest asset, your company personnel environment.

Disaster Planning

More clients are calling us today to ask them to create a disaster plan scenario for their company than ever before. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plan for extreme bad weather, a company wide alert for product, chemical/toxic release or procedure failure, a disgruntled employees or something not included in the every day disaster handbook this is not an area where you can’t take chances. Call Frizell Group to make sure you are getting the the best advice and the right program the first time — for everything.