IndustryIn addition to Corporate Compliance Investigations, Financial Asset Investigations, and Off-Duty Police Services, there are a number of other types of investigations that Frizell Group conducts on behalf of corporate and business clients. Frizell Group is a full-service investigations and security consulting firm, so we also engage in:

Business Control Surveys: In lieu of, or in addition to, a Corporate Compliance investigation, Frizell Group can conduct an in-depth survey of business controls (from an investigative perspective) to help identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the business entity, and make recommendations to reduce those weaknesses and “harden the target.”

Customized Training Programs: Frizell Group can review or establish customized training programs for investigations, travel security, workplace violence, executive protection, loss prevention, security awareness, protection of proprietary information, and other topics.

Security Surveys and Audits: Frizell Group can evaluate a business entity’s existing security posture and procedures, and make appropriate recommendations for improvement.

Key Security Employment Recruitment: Frizell Group can recommend suitable candidates for key security roles.

Specialized Investigations: Frizell Group also conducts specialized investigations and operations, including those relating to:

  •      Due Diligence Investigations
  •      Background Investigations
  •      Loss Prevention Solutions
  •      Cargo / Distribution Center Security
  •      Counterintelligence Operations
  •      Counterespionage Operations
  •      Merger and Acquisition Investigations
  •      Copyright and Trademark Infringement
  •      Counterfeit Product Investigations
  •      Foreign and Domestic Trade Issues


shutterstock_169978265Frizell Group can provide you with a wide spectrum of industry and retail situations to assist you in  maintaining a secure and safe working environment. Before you call anyone call Frizell Group for your FREE consultation. You can be assured that if we are not the right fit for your particular situation, we have the contacts and relationships to insure you get the help you need. Whatever you  are facing from loss prevention to disgruntled employees to the loss of key company secrets, there is only one place to start your search and that is with a Free Consultation from Frizell Group. Be certain you are getting the information and service that will best serve you and in the long run provide a safe, productive and comfortable work environment.