Frizell Group’s commitment to “Corporate Services” is what separates us from our competitors. We understand the business and cultural environments of Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. We have experience in a myriad of domestic and international industries, including:

  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Financial Services
  • Retail Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Legal Services
  • Consulting Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Energy Infrastructure Providers
  • Food & Hospitality Industries
  • …and many others

We have successfully and confidentially used our investigative skills within the working framework of our clients’ businesses to identify weaknesses that, once corrected, have increased profits and reduced liabilities.

In a business environment this often takes the form of successfully identifying and, when possible, obtaining confessions from, employees who are engaged in fraud, theft, or other malfeasance. For our financial services clients, this often takes the form of identifying assets of persons or business entities for the purpose of debt collection, financial “workouts,” or for Merger and Acquisition research. For our legal services clients, this can be conducting pre-litigation investigations to develop information in support of a lawsuit or a post-litigation financial asset investigation to assist in the collection of a judgment.

To accomplish these tasks, Frizell Group utilizes a uniquely qualified staff, proven proprietary databases, confidential sources, and a variety of on-call associates throughout the United States and in major international markets.

Our core competencies include:

Corporate Compliance Investigations: Frizell Group conducts Corporate Compliance Investigations for our corporate clients with robust Compliance Programs, as well as our business clients who do not have the benefit of such a program, to ferret out fraud, mismanagement, theft, illegal drug use or sales, corporate kickback schemes, and other employee malfeasance. These investigations usually include professionally conducted subject interviews designed to elicit confessions of wrongdoing, methodology used, and the identity of others involved so consideration can be given to appropriate criminal, civil, and/or administrative action and to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are implemented to prevent similar behavior in the future.

Financial Asset Investigations: Frizell Group conducts Financial Asset Investigations for our financial services clients for debt collection and financial “workouts;” for our corporate clients for Mergers & Acquisition research and debt collection; and for our law firm clients for pre-litigation evaluation and judgment collection. Frizell Group accomplishes these investigations by developing a full understanding of the clients’ needs, then by utilizing appropriate financial sources, state-of-the-art databases, and appropriate record researchers in those jurisdictions where local research is warranted.

Other Corporate Services: Frizell Group is a full-service Private Investigations and Security Consulting firm that has expertise in a wide variety of investigative methodologies of benefit to corporate and business clients, as well as the in-house and outside Counsel for such firms. These additional services range from Business Control Surveys to development of specialized training programs, and many others.