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Frizell Group International, LLC (“Frizell Group”), is a boutique investigations firm specializing in Corporate Compliance and Ethics InvestigationsFinancial Asset InvestigationsLegal Support Matters, Off-Duty Police Services, and Other ServicesFrizell Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but has a strong affiliate presence throughout the United States and in major international markets. Our clients have sent us on investigations throughout the U.S., and to Russia, Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Panama, and more. In addition to numerous sources and contacts in a myriad of industries, Frizell Group also maintains relationships with major proprietary information networks and databases.

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Frizell Group’s commitment to “Corporate Services” is what separates us from our competitors. We understand the business and cultural environments of Fortune 100 companies, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. Our core competencies include:


Legal Support Investigations

Police Service



When corporations and businesses experience theft, mismanagement, fraud, vendor kickback schemes, and other violations of their Code of Conduct, Compliance, and/or Ethics policies, investigations are necessary to identify the perpetrators AND determine ways to "harden the target."


  • “Frizell Group has the depth of knowledge and resources to support a Security Director’s day-to-day security needs and complex investigations. I have engaged the services of Frizell Group and their responsiveness and work product convinces me that they are an industry leader. They focus entirely on the mission at hand and quickly integrate themselves with the corporate security organization. Frizell Group personnel also quickly align themselves with the needs of their client, whether it is Human Resources, Legal, or the Health, Safety and Environment Department, and they deliver an exceptional work product on-time and on-budget. Their investigators are seasoned professionals who not only gather the facts but conduct root cause analysis and offer recommendations that bring long-term value to the organization. I encourage my peers or others needing security and investigative services to contact Frizell Group — it would be the right call.”


    International Oil Services Firm
  • “Frizell Group has been an indispensable investigative asset. The owner, David Frizell is a relentless and tenacious investigator who has the best interview skills I have ever seen. In my 25 years in Federal Law Enforcement, I have never witnessed as skilled an interrogator as David. He has solved numerous cases with little or no actual evidence. As significant as his investigative skills are, David’s unwavering integrity and absolute resolve to be truthful and honest is his defining asset. I strongly recommend Frizell Group to anyone needing a top-notch investigative firm that can be trusted and provide you with outstanding results.”


    International Petrochemical Manufacturer
  • "Frizell Group has earned and kept my trust over the years by being responsive, thorough, careful and creative. There’s a personal touch, too, that translates into superior service. They care, and that means a lot."


    International Financial Services Firm
  • “David Frizell is an outstanding investigator who achieves excellent results, all the while staying within the boundaries of the law and ethical parameters for investigators.”


    U.S. Government Agency
  • “There is absolutely no one else I will place in an interview room when it is pertinent to extract a confession.”


    Investigative Services Firm
  • “David Frizell has a wealth of high-caliber experience going back to his days at NCIS, CIA, and beyond. He is truly in the upper echelon of his industry and I recommend him absolutely.”


    Digital Forensics and E-Discovery

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Frizell Group was established in 1995 by David P. Frizell, Jr., CFE, a Certified Fraud Examiner and former federal law enforcement and counterintelligence agent. He and his highly qualified team create the ultimate blend of people and skills to be productive in any corporate investigation.
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